Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ouch!! Times Two!!

So I hadn't been to class since the belt test and thought, "Ok I'll catch up and go two nights in a row, Thursday and Friday."

Good idea, right? If you're a masochist it was a great idea. If you're a normal person not so much. One of the things we did was to intentionally hit a board with our hands to toughen them up. We did this because Travis noted, "Skulls are hard, if you hit one you want to be ready." Hitting a board 20 or 30 times even if you try not to hit it that hard still hurts.

Yellow belts learned two new kicks, the ax kick and the front jump kick. The front jump is fun and I received a compliment from Travis for picking it up quick. But it is an intense move and the next day ... oh baby, my hammies were barking!

We also learned to do an open hand punch to the jaw which we did about 40 times on the target. When you jam your weight -- and I have some weight to jam -- into a target there is some force jolting through you!

So all three moves, hitting the board, front jump kicks and open hand punch have me sore all over today. All good, it's progress!

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