Friday, July 12, 2013

Where have I been? Sparring, working on forms, crazy with work...

I'm still going strong at Jin Shil Martial Arts. Tonight is our belt test. My girls are working on earning their blue belt and I'll be going for orange.

It's been a crazy month or so with work, renovations, and kids being home for summer that the blog has taken a back seat. Here are some highlights (or low lights) from Taekwondo:

Sparring! We've done a lot of sparring lately and we're really working on being aggressive, not shy about making contact and being ready to hit and be hit. That is me on the left. Sparring with Kim is an experience, he has done other martial art disciplines and is a strong dude. I felt brave and worked in a crescent kick. He grabbed the heal of my foot and flipped me on my back. Good times!

I didn't fair much better with Dr. Shirley. I blocked a round house kick and ended up having to ice my hand later.

Brandon is one of the younger guys in class and is a black belt. It was fun to spar with him. He is a good sport and was very encouraging in terms of being directive and making our bout an opportunity to teach me a few things. And that is the great thing about our class, we all help each other out and take the time to ensure everyone is learning and having fun.

Gotta get to work! Will post a report from the belt test this weekend and do a better job of posting more consistently.