Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tweeting for a Kidney

Had a lot of fun at class tonight! We're back to sparring which is always awkward. We try to pair up by height. Technically Juliana (wife) should spar Olivia (our 10 year old)  in the kids' class. But I digress ... So I was paired up with a young lady, a fierce young lady, a fierce young lady who takes sparring very seriously. Good thing I aggressively blocked her kicks otherwise instead of blogging tonight I'd be Tweeting for a kidney donation.

Travis always tries to incorporate things about the sport we need to know both in competition and if a situation presents itself in real life. Today he told us there are two ways to engage in competition, Olympic style and continuous points. In Olympic style teakwondo once you score a point the match stops and then you reset and begin again. Travis made the point that in real life you don't hit someone and then take a time out to adjust and then go back to the fight, so he is teaching us more in the continuous points style. I hope this training doesn't have an adverse impact on my Olympic dreams.

And finally, I pulled a muscle in my foot. What a dork. We'll see what else is pulled when I wake up tomorrow.