Monday, April 1, 2013

Cheat Step!

We're getting ready for the belt test on Friday. This will be my first one, so I wonder if I will:
a) crack up laughing at an inappropriate time
b) fall flat on my face
c) fall flat on my back
d) all of the above

Vegas shows 7 to 4 on "d) all of the above" ... easy money!

The last few classes have been pretty intense and Travis has ramped up his intensity level as well. We did 100+ kicks in five minutes on Thursday, not that easy! Getting the forms down pat, not only making the right move at the right time, but also doing each move properly has been a bit of a challenge. I'm not at all graceful, a terrible dancer and can barely walk straight most days, so these forms are tough. Travis gave me some good tips on "staying square" and facing front for the front stance with a down block, that has helped a lot.

I find I talk to myself during the moves and having a focal point on the wall is good for concentration. I almost feel like I'm alone. For round house kicks I make sure I talk through each part of the kick as I do it, "Cheat step, chamber, kick, chamber." The bad news is I have no short term memory anymore so the trick is losing its effectiveness little by little each ... day, right, each day.

Wednesday is another forms review class and an opportunity to work on nailing down Chun-Ji.