Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm the Paddy Cake Champion of the World!

In order to learn balance and control Travis had us line up face-to-face about one foot apart from each other with hands out, palms facing each other. The idea was to push on your opponent's palm and push them off balance. Sort of like paddy cake with more purpose.

So I lined up against Travis. Little did he know that by having three small kids I've learned the art of quick hands. He caught me several times, but I got him off balance far more often. The great thing was I got to use all of my silly "Karate Kid" jokes such as "Focus Daniel-san" and, "Now the student has become the teacher." Bad news for me is this drill is hardly life-saving. So far I'm the best at the most useless Taekwondo  skill.

Next time I'll have some details on sparring girls.