Thursday, January 10, 2013

Went back for a 2nd class

So, I did go back for the second class. This time my wife Juliana joined. But this blog isn't about her. She can write her own.

Anyway, thought I'd like teakwondo because I hate running and exercise and want nothing to do with either. Dang it, Travis made us run, do push ups and sit ups. White belts had to do 20 push ups. I haven't done 20 push ups since 1987, but I toughed it out.

We did not add any moves to our Chon-Ji form, but we did work on four self dense moves as well as front kicks. The class was a lot of fun, but I feel those push ups and sit ups. We're all going back tomorrow for our Friday afternoon class.

Admittedly I like to get a little obsessive with whatever I'm into and now you're likely to find me an Olivia in the middle of the living room practicing moves. Correction, she is correcting everything I do wrong.