Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leaning Back = Breaking Bad

I'm ba-ack! I missed all of last week due to travel for work down to the Big Easy, tough assignment. I did have the intention of watching a YouTube video of Chon-ji and practicing my form. Not so much.

Monday was a little rough, but at least I looked official in my white belt uniform. We started off with some kicking to warm up. I have a bad habit of leaning back after a kick. Travis was holding the blocker and when he moved I kicked, missed, and landed flat on my back. It was very graceful and I needed the laugh. That's what mats are for!

Next we worked on the brush block grab self-defense move. I did ok from the right side, from the left was a disaster. Seth my practice partner for the evening (who I think is 14) was a good sport while I muddled through. Afterwards Josh spent a few minutes with me to get in some extra work too and that helped a lot.

We have a really cool group of people taking the class. We all applaud each other after we bow out which is very supportive and affirming.