Friday, January 18, 2013

Even if you don't get hit, sparring hurts

So here we are in week three! More running and more push ups, but that is ok. The newbies now have 8 moves to work on in our white belt Chon-Ji form. I have them down pat after a refresher from the 10 year old.

I saw the kids class earlier and knew we were in for the rope ladders. With that exercise Travis puts rope ladders down on the ground and then gives us drills for foot work going down the ladder. I got high marks for making up my own drills.

We did a lot of sparring on Monday night. And then we sparred some more. And then right before I thought I was going to drop dead we sparred again. It is very intense to go at someone with just a few moves. Then there is a trust factor on both sides. We don't want to hurt each other but you are supposed to go at your partner as if you will hit them. I just kept hoping I'd get out of the way in time!

For my last round of sparring I was with Travis. He is really intense and it was interesting up close to see how crisp all of his moves are ... while trying not to die at the same time.

At the end Travis talked to us about putting the energy out there during our sessions and then we would get that back in increased energy in other areas during the week. I know it'll happen!

All in all a great class, very sweaty and it felt great. The next day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either. We'll be back tonight!