Friday, November 8, 2013

This Is Something Only Sammy Sosa Could Do

Moving on up to green belt has been a bit more challenging, especially in the kicking department. Travis warned me, "You will not like the jump ax kick." Understatement. Have you seen an ax kick? It's weird to begin with by bringing the one leg towards the other and then and then you have to stop mid-way and bring your foot straight down.  So for a guy who is as coordinated as a drunk baboon, a jump has been added to the mix. We did about 10 or 12 kicks on the right and then switched to the left. Second to last kick of the set ... OUCH! I pulled a muscle in my rib cage. With a kick? C'mon! This is something out of the Sammy Sosa school of injuries. In 2004, Sammy ('roid using slugger on the Cubs) pulled a rib cage muscle sneezing and had to go on the disabled list! I feel your pain Sammy.

Drunk baboons are even worse with hand techniques. There is a resisting block that requires slowly moving your arms like a windmill and then throwing one of them out in front to make the block. I looked like a marshmallow covered pretzel. The eye injury is separate story.